About us

What is Maria Publications?


Maria Publications is an independent, apolitical, non-profit association that aims to publish and distribute books, articles and other textual and virtual solutions, mainly non-fiction literature, in Norwegian and English.

The main focus will be a range of topics:

• religion

• theology

• jurisprudence

• ethics

• history

• economy

• politics

Who was Lady Maria?

Our association is named after Lady Maria, a Coptic Christian woman who converted to Islam, was the wife of Prophet Mohammed, and who gave birth to his son, Ibrahim. Few are acquainted with her story, which has similarities with that of Lady Mary the Virgin, Mother of Jesus Christ, who was met with rejection from those who rejected the miraculous birth of Jesus and accused her of conceiving Jesus through illegitimate relations.

Lady Maria met a similar rejection from a group of hypocrites within the first Muslim society. She was accused of conceiving Ibrahim through adultery. The hypocrites were exposed and Qur'anic verses were revealed to confirm Lady Maria's innocence.

What gives the story special importance?​

What makes Lady Maria's story more tragic, is that the very liar who accused her of adultery, later on fabricated a tale that she herself was accused of adultery and then attributed those Qur'anic verses to her own advantage - the same verses that declared Lady Maria's innocence and condemned this very woman. The majority today are of a perception that these Qur'anic verses speak of the innocence of the very hypocrites who hurt Lady Maria.

The hypocrites' mastermind was Aisha, daughter of the tyrannical caliph Abu Bakr, who plotted the Prophet's murder, hijacked Islam for personal gain and made it into a militant, terroristic and political ideology. Aisha's fabricated tale is only one of several other politically motivated ones. Their purpose was to serve Aisha's agendas; by being able to portray herself as a character with a holy nature, this grants her premises to misguide the masses into bloody civil wars, to protect her own position of power, as well as to cover up facts relating to her own wicked, immoral and adulterous nature.